Moldova IT Park

Acting as a cluster facilitator, the Park provides organizational platform with a set of innovative tools and new approaches to accelerate, in a coordinated manner, the transformation of economy, streamlining corporate innovation practices, boosting the growth of the IT industry, supporting partnerships, creating new jobs and attracting local and foreign investment.
We offer a competitive environment through a single flat tax rate of 7% on turnover, diminished bureaucratic barriers, exemption from taxes for company employees, facilitated issuing of residency permit and virtual presence.

The benefits of being our resident Moldova IT Park

Granting the permit of stay for foreign investors in the economy of the Republic of Moldova

Starting a business and making investment in a local company in Moldova provides an opportunity for the foreign investor to get a residence permit and legal stay in Moldova for a longer period in a more expedited manner.

Foreign investors may be qualified to receive the permit of stay based on foreign investments made in the local company.

The permit of stay under this regime may be also granted to the individual (foreign citizen) acting as the shareholder and the administrator of local companies. 

Incorporation of business entities in Republic of Moldova

Preparatory steps

(1) Select the legal form of entrepreneurial activity (business structure)

Limited Liability Company is the front runner of legal organization forms registered in Moldova. The popularity of this form is generated by the simplicity of its establishment and operation. However, when choosing the legal organization form of entrepreneurial activity, consideration should be given to factors such as: number of participants upon company establishment, confidence in other participants, types of activities to be carried out, size of share capital, turnover, fund raising, taxation, etc.

Marin Onofrei
Managing Partner


Victoria Cenusa
Senior Partner


Felicia Chifa