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Debt Collection

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Debt recovery litigation

Insolvency procedure

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Post-judgment Collections

One of the main legal activities held within our society of lawyers is commercial debt recovery and  respective overdue debt, outstanding at maturity by natural or legal customers based in Chisinau or in the country.

From our point of view, solving this problem is the optimal foundation for commercial activities. It is essential to the continued financial flow, enabling support activity and also getting profit for your company.

In this regard, for the legal services regarding debt recovery offered to its clients, our law office will charge for each borrower a fixed fee that is payable when the contract for legal assistance is settled and, a success fee, which will be calculated as a percentage from the recovered debts that will be paid only after the actual receipt by your company. Both the advance fee, as well as the success fee will be determined after signing the contract for legal assistance, depending on the value of debts to be recovered, the volume and the complexity of the cases. Advance fee may be recovered during the legal proceedings from your company’s debtors.

The fees for legal services provided by our company of lawyers in the amount of the named above will include:

Amicably claims recovery

  • Drafting and transmission of notices and notices of payment to debtors and their subsequent contact;
  • Negotiating with debtors of any conditions of staggered payment / deferred payment of outstanding debts;
  • Drafting, sending and tracking by our  lawyers company any payment commitments undertaken by debtors, until full recovery of the claim;
  • Communication to the debtors of the imminent start of judicial proceedings in the case of debtors who do not respond to the request for payment of the amount owed amicably.

Judicial claims recovery

  • Drafting and transmission of legal actions against debtors in order to recover debts owed by them;
  • Representing and assisting your company in front of the competent court of Chisinau (Moldova) and neighboring counties, in the case of background;
  • Representing and assisting your company in front of the competent court of Chisinau and neighboring counties, in case of appeal and / or appeal (if necessary).

Debt collection using foreclosure

  • Registration by our law office to demand enforcement before the appointed bailiff to enforce the court decision;
  • Permanently maintaining the relationship with the bailiff until the finalization of the enforcement procedure performed to recover the debt owed by the debtor;
  • Legal representation and assistance for your company in the files with the object enforcement complaint filed by the debtor.

Recovery in insolvency proceedings (reorganization and bankruptcy)

  • Customer assistance and representation at the meetings of creditors in Chisinau or in the country, convened by the administrator / liquidator of the debtor;
  • Formulation and support by our lawyers company for the appeals to the table debts of the debtor company;
  • Representing the client in front of contestation acts carried out by the judicial administrator / liquidator, in the situation when they do not serve the interests of the customer to recover the debt or have not been prepared in accordance with legal provisions;
  • Monitoring compliance with the debtor’s reorganization plan approved by the bankruptcy judge in reorganization proceedings;
  • Monitoring the activity of the judicial liquidator regarding  the distribution of proceeds of sales of the assets / debt recovery for the company, in the process of falminent / liquidation.

Our company of lawyers has accumulated an extensive experience of dossiers covering insolvency procedure, from this point of view in our law office in Chisinau our portfolio has a total of over a hundred cases completed or underway in which we represented and legally assistated insolvent debtor companies, as well as lending companies interested in recovering their claims

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