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Our lawyers company provides legal advice on any aspect related to the creation, activity development or suspension, dissolution or transfer of a company with headquarters in Chisinau, Moldova, such as:

Drafting of articles of incorporation of companies or addenda;

The fulfillment of all legal procedures regarding the establishment or dissolution of a company, and the registration regarding any change in its status (changing the main object of activity, adding / removing objects of activity of association, social capital, and so on);

Fulfill legal procedures concerning the suspension of activity of a company and resume at a later date;

Registration or closing of offices, subsidiaries, branches or outlets of the companies in Chisinau and in the Moldova;

Legal assistance on the disposal and / or takeover of shares in an existing company, including various public authorities (in procedures for privatization), including assistance with:

Negotiating and signing the assignment / privatization contract;

Fulfillment of all legal proceedings relating to the company’s business;

The activity of the company, including the issuance of shares;

Assignments and other corporate transactions;

Listing and delisting of the company’s capital market;


Writing the decisions for the sole shareholder or decisions of the general meeting of shareholders in accordance with their will.

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